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16 June 2017 by admin

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Homing helps you manage apartments for a short short term. If you are a homeowner in Ischia or Naples and do not enjoy your profitability, we will talk about the undeniable advantages of renting a property: no obligation other than tax and communication to the public security of any guests, the property is at your disposal And for your loved ones for the times you decide. There is no risk that someone can take over your home and you will not wait long before a judge issues a decree of eviction. Above all, you will not pay tax on unpaid fees, anticipating money that will no longer be refunded.

That being said, if you do not have time, or want to be behind the thousand jobs that are required to rent a home or you are not resident in Ischia or Naples, we are here!

InHoming you can worry about everything: ordinary, extraordinary maintenance, home staging, webmarketing, locazion, customer service, tourist information, end-of-stay cleaning. Self

You are not satisfied with the profitability you get from the rent;
You should put it back but do not feel it because you do not know where and when and to whom you turn without spending a fortune;
You are tired of being always in search of new tenants;
You can no longer waste your time in soliciting the payment of royalties payable to the deceased conductors;
Do as Mara: contact us.

Our experience in the field of tourism management allows us to work side by side with the owners of real estate, guaranteeing them the right profitability and freeing them also from the daily tasks of management. We can also deal with the integrated management of real estate (including restructuring, construction and conducting).

Our goal is to enhance the real estate assets of the owners located in the most beautiful spots. We also propose to relocate properties on the tourist market and short rentals maximizing their returns continuously over time eliminating the problem and recurring possibility of loss of ownership. The Home Staging project consists essentially of three phases


The starting point is to visit your property to see if your apartment has the minimum requirements to be part of our circuit. In particular, its position and context surrounding it are evaluated. An assessment is made based on the characteristics, the number of compartments, the size and the finish of the finishes. If the minimum requirements are present, it passes directly to the third stage, otherwise a drawing up of a validation project is carried out.

Once all the information has been collected together with the owner, an executive project will be produced with the necessary interventions, any renovation work, furnishings, with details such as curtains and light points to ensure that the property has all the requirements Our standards.

At this point, we will share the business plan detailing the trend of costs and revenues.

Realizing the Home Staging project your apartment will be re-selected and will be ready to be placed on the web.


The collaboration agreement provides for 2 types of contract to choose from:

* Direct rental;

* Participation.

The preparation of our format, which consists essentially of the drafting of a technical file with the description of the building and its salient features a representative photographic survey and a planimetry, all executed with the help of our experts, provides the possibility of insertion Network.

Your property will be placed on the circuit that will provide the promotion via our “InHoming” internet sites and through other online agencies such as, Tripadvisor, Airbnb, HomeAway, Housetrip, Wimdu.

The so rebuilt apartment will have the right appeal for the tourist market of short-term rentals and this will guarantee you a safe return over time with certain receipts.

* What are the benefits of holiday rentals compared to traditional rentals?

A) Safe Investment: The first and most important reason is that this type of rental safeguards your property right. In essence the house is always at your disposal. “Tourist” tenants do not “occupy” the house. The average stay is 3 days.

B) Payment: The customer can book the apartment directly on the site, if the calendar is available, once confirmed it pays 20% in advance as a guarantee for the booking. The balance is paid by the guest upon arrival and if he does not pay he can not take advantage of the house.

What is certain is that there is already a tourist looking for a home like yours!