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HOME STAGING: Renting a property quickly

Published on 22 June 2017 by admin

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Home Staging: The Fastest Way to Rent a Property

Home Staging is the art of valorising real estate, improving its image so as to favor its lease or sale in the shortest time and at the best price.

Culture & Valuation Real Estate & Real Estate Marketing & Ecodesign & Relooking


For owners:
If you have not yet decided what to do about your property (villa or holiday home) that, over the years, needs more care and maintenance; If you increase your taxes and management costs, you do not know how to make your property income:

Pianta schizzo di home staging

Home sketch plan layout

This is the article for you!

What is Practical Home Staging? (Culture & real estate enhancement)

Home Staging is a technique of making and marketing that consists of enhancing the real estate space, improving its image so as to favor its rental or sale in the shortest time and at the best price.

In fact, recent studies have shown that a customer decides whether to rent / buy the house in the first 90 seconds of his first visit.

Another critical aspect of renting or selling a house, apartment or villa is to induce, at the very first visit, the imagination of the “home” ideal. Many times the placement of a wardrobe rather than an armchair or sofa or the wise use of furnishing fabrics can really make a difference. And not everyone has a creative mind capable of seeing the real representation.

Home Staging comes to the aid of a successful mix of real estate marketing, interior design, knowledge of furniture materials and furnishings, experiential color power, and professional photography. The purpose is to transform and enhance the best of an apartment, a chalet, a historic building, a hotel room or any other environment, highlighting all its hidden potentials, thus immediately seeing in mind everything that is not in Able to imagine alone.

home staging e real estate

home staging e real estate

This transformation makes it much easier to rent or sell the property, as the same statistical data shows. On average, 92% of properties reviewed by a Home Stager are fictitious or sold as estimated.

This data is definitely comforting for a market like real estate, which is beginning to resume life. In addition to enhancing and defining spaces to create an emotional and evocative atmosphere of a house’s home, Home Staging allows you to invest not to “sell off a property”.

In fact, the amount invested to endure a Home Staging business is significantly lower than the high costs of a defective or unfinished business.
Home Staging operations therefore allow you to rent or sell a property in less time and at the best price. Also because of its peculiarity of being able to conjure up the idea of ​​a cozy and comfortable house in mind, Home Staging is also an affordable Real Estate Marketing technique, beneficial for both the sellers and those who rent or buy.

Home staging can also be applied to rental or sale solutions, to tourist-accommodation facilities such as hotels, restaurants, bars, shops.

Inhoming experimentation

Home staging activities carried out in the recent experience with Inoming companies by some owners have allowed them to recover solvency with short and medium-term tourist rentals. On such occasions the owners who were on the verge of selling apartments or real estate for real estate realized that it was cheaper to hold the apartment at the moment and fit it for short or medium periods.
Ischia and certainly Naples offer many opportunities, with a great tourist season, in order to be able to get fit and recover as much as needed. At the same time you can have the good (apartment, house, villa) as and when you want with no worries. Very important is also the fact that with the rent of the property a continuous accommodation is required. In this way, with the proceeds of the rents, all the ordinary and / or extraordinary maintenance that automatically keeps the house at home and in efficiency is carried out automatically.

For those who want to deepen the topic, we recommend that you consult the site:


Recycling_ecodesign – Example of reuse of materials in ecological terms

Some useful tips: (real estate marketing):

Home Staging, home-based marketing techniques are expected to revolutionize sales and rental or sale of properties. Marketing Provides the appropriate strategies, tools, and methods to deal with a particular market.

Rational X-factor that we call emotion, lightning strike

Specially in the residential sector, renting or buying is almost always an emotional fact, from Whether or not they are in tune with a certain environment. After having correctly evaluated the value of the property on the basis of the reference market, in order to be able to market it in a convincing way, we will have to focus on its conditions and above all how it is presented in the eyes of a potential customer or buyer reminding us that

“we have Only a chance to make a good impression”

The customer at the time of the rent / purchase decision leaves room for emotions and makes an unconscious choice that only rationalizes and / or justifies later.

American home stagers argue that:

    • The customer formulates His decision to rent or buy a property in the first 90 seconds of the inspection.
    • 9 times out of 10 a buyer decides to buy or buy after a real blow of lightning.
    • Real estate thanks to Home Staging It can fit or sell 2 times faster.
    • The rental or sale of a Staged Home takes place with a plus value between 5% and 20 % .
Recycling riutilizzo di mattonelle

Recycling reuse of reduced recovery tiles in pieces

In Which Is A Homestage Project? (Ecodesign & Relooking)

Most US professionals agree that the focal point of a Home Staging project is to “depersonalize” the property to make it appealing to as many potential buyers as possible. But this is almost always true for selling cases but not for renting. As more flexibility is best suited for a home for sale, while a strong personality can also meet the favors of a more demanding public in case of rent.

For that situation to be assessed case by case by an expert who will advise you The best solution.

The relooking operation often translates into works of:

    • ordinary maintenance, such as paintings and restorations.
    • Extraordinary maintenance, such as repairs, suspended ceilings, replacement of coatings or floors etc.
    • Interiors of interior and exterior design, Such as curtains and furnishings green area equipment, garden, terraces

The new optics that distinguish most homestaging jobs is that of recycling and re-use (recycling) that intervenes in the various components of the home. Often, there are available materials to be discarded, and if they are expertly and creatively reused, they can make a difference.


The use of more ecological and natural materials almost always distinguishes ecodesign and relooking and creates a particular synergy between Home and surrounding environment.

Home Stager approaches the property with a different approach to the traditional one of an interior architect or decorator whose intent is often to personalize the environments according to the end user making them “unique” . A “lived” home or opposite a “new and never inhabited” property must be “set up” according to the exact rules in order to be fit or sold as soon as possible and to the best conditions. A Home Staging project will have to develop according to the 6 “R rule:

1) Reduce

2) Refresh

3) Redo

4) Re-evaluate

5) Repair

6) Clean Up.

Many of these operations can be performed by self-realization or under the guidance of an expert and most of Times they turn into a beautiful experience. The important thing is to deal with the works with time and with a spirit of curiosity and inventiveness.

Recipe info:

Inhoming Srl

Inhoming Srl has already carried out for some owners of consultancy that have led to owners Various benefits and reliefs of commitments and burdens. For example, they organize guided tours to Ikea or Leroy Merlin to choose furnishings or furnishings or to obtain special materials to complete the furnishing of the houses. Our expert, after the inspection, will provide you with a memo (reminder) for each home environment with all the above noted comments. Above the vine cards, everything is needed, from paintings to furnishings needed to make the home more enjoyable. A detailed color scheme, always drawn by our experienced architects-designer, will showcase the solutions that make the home more comfortable.

ecodesign esempio di elementi di arredo in bamboo

Designing example of bamboo furniture elements.

Does it cost a Home Staging project?

We can safely say that the ‘ Home Staging is an investment. A Home Staging project costs less than the first price reduction that the “non-staged” property is down It is on the market for a long time. It is usually enough to invest from 1% to 2% of the value of the property in valuation works to achieve excellent results. Of course you need an “investor” approach to decide to spend time and money on a property that you are about to leave or fit.

  • In conclusion you can say that a Home Staging project and intervention costs certainly less than the first price reduction that ‘Immovable property would be on the market for long periods of time,
  • The company Inhoming srl offers free advice from Home Staging experts who will allow the owner to differentiate themselves on the market and to place themselves in a higher and exclusive range.
Autorealizzazione di home staging

Home Staging


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