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The Dolphins of Ischia with Nicola’s friends

Published on 27 November 2017 by admin

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The Dolphins of Ischia with Nicola’s friends

Fishing tourism and sport fishing

The dolphins of Ischia, of Nettuno’s kingdom, meet with Nicola’s friends: a wonderful sunny day and fishing in a crystal clear sea, offshore between Ischia, Capri and Ventotene, was crowned by the appearance of our sympathetic dolphin friends who often cheer us up and accompany us during our sport fishing excursions.

Under the video of the dolphins of Ischia of the Nettuno’s kingdom.

For those who still want to deepen the issue of dolphins in Ischia we have published another video on our news section

Nicola’s friends

Following are some photos of “Nicola’s friends”, the name of the boat that hosts us during our hikes, who greet the whole group with the publication of their photos:

Inhoming Chiara da Londra

Inhoming, the dolphins: greetings from Chiara from London

Antonio da Roma

Greetings from Antonio from Rome

Cristian e Francesco

Greetings from Cristian e Francesco from Ischia

Gianni e lampuga notturna

Greetings from Gianni and the “night lampuga”

Dd da Stuttgart Germania

Greetings from Dd da Stuttgart from Germany

Max da Suttgart

Greetings from Max from Stuttgart from Germany

Giovanni da Agerola

Greetings from Giovanni from Agerola

Giovanni da Pinzolo

Greetings from Giovanni from Pinzolo

International team Svizzera_Inghilterra Olivier Maxime e Tim

Greetings from International team Switzerland _England Olivier, Maxime e Tim

Lello da Ischia

Greetings from Lello from Ischia

This year was an exceptional fishing year  for “Lampugha” as they have not been remembering for many years. Lampuga is a very lively fish that when fished with light medium equipment guarantees a fun insure for the sport fisherman. Fishing at Lampuga takes place at a considerable distance from the coast in the same areas frequented by Ischia dolphins that you can easily encounter.

Nicola da Ischia

Greetings from Nicola from Ischia

Nicolò e Leo da Napoli

Greetings from Nicolò from Leo from Naples

Saluti di Franco da Milano

Greetings from Franco from Milan

Salvatore da Ischia

Greetings from Salvatore from Ischia

Marilena da Avellino

Greetings from Marilena from Avellino

Salvatore da Roma

Greetings from Salvatore from Rome

Vincenzo ed Alessandro

Greetings from Vincenzo and Alessandro from Ischia

Antonella e Fabiano da Roma

Greetings from Antonella and Fabiano from Rome

Greetings from Biagio Luca and Lello from Ischia

Saluti da Bianca e Rossy da Ischia

Greetings from Bianca and Rossy from Ischia

Saluti da Enzo e Lello da Ischia

Greetings from Enzo and Lello from Ischia

Saluti da Gianni Lello e Pietro da Ischia

Greetings from Gianni Lello and Pietro from Ischia

Saluti da Ignazio da Ischia

Greetings from Ignazio from Ischia

Saluti da Nicolò, Francesco e Francesca da Roma

Greetings from Nicolò, Francesco e Francesca from Rome

Saluti da Peppe da Ischia

Greetings from Peppe from Ischia

Saluti da Pino da Ischia

Greetings from Pino from Ischia

Saluti da Sara e Tony da Berlino

Greetings from Sara and Tony from Berlin

Saluti da Sergio da Ischia

Greetings from Sergio from Ischia

Tatyana e NiKolaj dalla Russia

Greetings from Tatyana and NiKolaj from Russia

Saluti di Fam Ricmond dalla Francia

Greetings from Ricmond family from France

This group that often meet Neptune’s kingdom’s dolphins of Nicola’s friends is on continues expanding. Anyone who has already participated or wishes to participate in excursions, boat trips and /or fishing tourism and sports as a sea lovers of healthy fishing and pure air can send a photo with a dedication,  with her greetings, call and/or write to:

cell. (+ 39) 371 34 55 013

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