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Boat trips and fishing in Ischia and Procida

Published on 3 March 2017 by admin

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Professional fishing, fishing and sport fishing

Ischia, an historic resort known for the sea, the sun and the thermal waters, has launched a fascinating challenge, boat trip and Pescaturismo. The opportunity to experience a unique experience, go fishing with real fishermen and give up exciting moments and moments. The opportunity to enjoy a different holiday combining relaxation, relaxation, excellent cuisine, wonderful opportunities to live, boat trips and fishing trails in the protected marine area “The Kingdom of Neptune”. You can choose your fishing tackle and customize it according to your needs, safe and comfortable boats will accompany your guests to discover hidden corners and bays. Boat trips to discover wonderful and picturesque places to practice the art of fishing, practicing various types of fishing. Travertine, Coffees, Tent Fishing, Troll Fishing and more. There will also be fishing under the cannons and boat excursions to see the big cetaceans who inhabit the protected marine area of ​​”The Kingdom of Neptune”.

From fishing to fishing, the pace is short and instinctive, perhaps unknowing. Accompany the guest on a boat trip and fish together dinner. Maybe it’s a luxury that local fishermen would not give to anyone. Embarking on a fishing boat could be a privileged opportunity for a few, at least for now. In this crazy world, the simplest things are luxury privileges. That’s why Ischia is not a low-cost island, or at least it’s not just a low-cost island. Ischia has the potential to be a luxury island and does not know. Nor does it know that quality tourism and food and wine are based on agriculture and fishing.

The Mediterranean Sea, shimmering amongst the most legendary lands, is an ancient crossroads for people from all over the world. This large basin represents the ancient cradle of our civilization. There are still unchanged the environmental and architectural characteristics consolidated during a multisecular story. It is rooted in a very remote past that goes through the Middle Ages until the Roman age, or even that of Magna Graecia and Italic civilizations that developed in the central and southern part of the Italian peninsula.
The Italian sea then is extraordinary: its coastline is rich in biodiversity. Italy, more than any other European country, has many different ecosystems, from Mont Blanc over 4000 meters, to subtropical environments such as Ustica or Lampedusa. From the landscape point of view, small islands have all in common historical, cultural, geomorphological and even literary elements of considerable value. All this constitutes a unique and irreplaceable heritage, a great asset to be valued and defended. This resource can not be ignored, especially by young people.

save your sea-ok


Our sea and shore represent a fragile and easily degradable ecosystem, a resource that must be protected and protected. It is therefore necessary to educate the population and the tourist in general towards a conscious ecological-environmental culture. We must promote and enhance our environmental and marine heritage through new forms of tourism and approach to the sea.
Fishing is one of the first activities of man to get support from nature. It carries in it a coacervo of traditions and culture that are not always manifested outside of the workmen.

Pescaturism and boat trips:

      1. Boat trip with personal guide around the island stopping at particular panoramic points, with tasting on typical products. (Max 7 people)
      2. Boating with expert and personal guide for a sport fishing tackle with the use of various fishing techniques for lunch and tasting on typical products. (Max 7 people)
      3. Touristic motor boat trip with guided island tour.
      4. Exit with fishermen and lunch (with the fish you just caught!) In a typical Ischia restaurant.
      5. Meetings with fishermen, seawatching, guided hikes to the historic center.

For bookings and organizing trips Inhoming tel. (+39) – 3713455013

Boat Excursion Charter Boat Excursion with Sport Fishing

Deplian pesca sportiva

Deplian pesca sportiva 2

Pescaturismo Ischia and Procida

Have a nice day at the sea to taste the fragrance of fresh produce, to discover the salty flavors brought by the unmistakable breezes and fragrances of the Mediterranean scrub.

The systems used by small boats carrying coastal fishing evoke unknown fatigue to those who live only in the summer sea. The drama, the fairy, the set, bring with it a mixture of traditions and cultures that are not always manifested by the workmen.

Along with local fishermen we will discover a parallel world … the world of sea and fishing, we will appreciate the fishermen’s villages and villages, we will listen to their stories … for the diffusion and exploitation of more responsible fishing systems.

Following are bookshops with sport fishing in English and Russian

Deplian pesca sportiva ing3

Deplian pesca sportiva ing 2


Deplian pesca sportiva russo

Deplian pesca sportiva russo 2

For bookings and organizing trips Inhoming tel. (+39) – 3713455013

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