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Inhoming art in Ischia fine arts and applied arts

Published on 14 March 2018 by admin

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The Art in Ischia as a moment of aggregation and awarenesse

Art in Ischia: some time ago we had the opportunity to express our ideas on the need to have a venue that would bring together in a certain sense the fine arts and the applied arts on the occasion of the participation in the contest of ideas for the accommodation of the old municipal market of Ischia. Our idea that we still belive valid and successful is to concentrate in such a significant area, in this case the old municipal market that is known is located in the center of Ischia Porto, those who deal with experimenting and passing on to posterity art, craftsmanship, agriculture and architecture. A moment of encounter between the various experiences of artists, artisans, farmers and professionals.


Progetto concorso riqualificazione ex mercato comunale di Ischia vista dall'alto schizzo

Competition project for the redevelopment of the former municipal market of Ischia, seen from the top of the sketch

Applied arts and fine arts

The applied arts represent all the applications of art forms to the design and decoration of objects to make them aesthetically pleasing. The term is distinguished from that of fine arts, which aims to provide intellectual and aesthetic rather than functional stimuli.

I colori dell'arista

The colors of the artist

Industrial design, graphics, fashion design, interior design and decorative arts are considered applied arts. In a creative and / or abstract context, architecture and photography can also be considered applied arts.  Applied art movements are Bauhaus, Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau and Art Deco

All these so-called fine arts and applied arts provide today’s remarkable job opportunities especially for young people. The difficulty of the neophyte who passes from theory to practice in the modern movement of the Bauhaus (founded by Walter Gropius in the Weimar Republic in 1919) was overcome with the help of expert artists and / or craftsmen who wisely directed the beginner. The same happened with the young professional who dealt with architecture, design or photography that already in the design phase, was followed by an expert tutor until the realization of the project. The fundamental thing of this theory is the transition from theory to practice, the design phase always follows the phase of application and realization.

Arte applicata a Ischia

Art in Ischia applications and group work

In any case, as Leonardo Da Vinci said, the talents must always be exercised, otherwise we risk losing them because the nature that has been generous in some cases can recover what it has donated in a short time. In fact, the exercise of the activities of the fine arts and applied arts such as painting, sculpture and architecture is essential to refine their techniques and expressive abilities. The fundamental rule is: to conceive art not as an end but as a means to arrive at a certain sensitivity and knowledge.

Mercato in Burundi opera di Paolo May

Art in Ischia: Market in Burundi work of the artist who has his workshop in Barano d’Ischia Paolo May

At the moment we must note with bitterness that many of our young national talents are mortified by the institutions and most of the time forced to find their spaces abroad.

Competition of ideas for the redevelopment of the old municipal market of Ischia

Returning to our experience made in the competition of ideas on the project to recover the old municipal market of Ischia, the negative factor was certainly the lack of lucidity of the institutions, which often favor the aspect of appearing at the expense of the substance . The idealization of reality that becomes unreality. In fact, regardless of the economic reason, which was however mentioned in the ban (about one million euro), at the time the most varied solutions were hypothesized that always provided for the complete demolition of the existing building (including the winning project of the competition). Our engineer on balance had calculated for an eventual demolition an increase of the unacceptable costs, for which our project realistically provided for the complete recovery of the existing volume with its valorization both as indoor and outdoor spaces with a tensostatic cover and we took inspiration from the “recycling” technique.

Sezione di progetto concorso Mercato Comunale recycling

Project section contest Municipal Market inspiring criterion “recycling”

The proof of the correctness of what we hypothesized came when, a few years later in the election period, we were told openly by an administrator that ours would be the only viable project. Bitter consolation in how much as usual happens with the politician on duty who just wants to make a good impression on his potential voters: he chooses to make a project to be built and that is without head and feet.

But a positive aspect of the experience of the Municipal Market Competition, as far as I’m concerned, is the fact that it made me know my dear friend and teacher Paolo.

Concorso ex Mercato comunale - Vista Chiave A taulozza e l'Artist

Art in Ischia – Competition former Municipal Market – Key View “A taulozza e l’Artist”

The purpose of art

According to Hegel, the aim of art is neither the imitation of nature nor the attempt to arouse feelings and purify the passions, nor moral training or perfection: the true aim of art is “to reveal the truth in the form of of sensitive artistic configuration “. In the artistic beauty there is the sensitive manifestation of the truth, the concrete and individual revelation of the universality of the spirit, “the sensible appearance of the idea”. In this sense art is essentially mediation and conciliation between spirit and matter, universal and particular, infinite and finite, thought and sensibility: it is a product of the spirit with which this gives life to a first form of “reconciliation between what it is simply external, sensitive and transient, and pure thought, between nature and finite reality and the infinite freedom of conceptual thought “. “The work of art is not yet pure thought, but, despite its sensitivity, it is no longer simple material existence, like stones, plants, organic life “. Unlike the various forms of natural beauty, the work of art contains a moment in the life of the spirit and appeals to a thought capable of understanding it in its essence: it “is essentially a question, an apostrophy, a revolt. to a heart that responds to you, a call addressed to the soul and the spirit “.

Art in Ischia as a moment of aggregation

Art, understood in its biggest and purest meaning, is seen as a moment of aggregation and awareness and passes with a new spirit through the involvement of young people. The young people followed in the study and experimentation of new techniques and materials. These must in any case be supported by the old experiences gained and passed. The art and spiritual sensitivity that derives from it is fundamental for the growth of a community that can not rely only on the fact that nature has been so generous with her.

Concorso ex mercato comunale - Vista Chiave Vulen Putenn

Art in Ischia – Competition former municipal market – Key View “ Vulen Putenn”

Inhoming has been engaged for some time to promote periodically as part of the “art in Ischia” program, also in collaboration with the various local cultural associations, training courses and moments of artistic and professional growth. Work groups are organized on the themes of the fine arts and applied arts, always carried out with the assistance of expert and professional tutors.

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