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Published on 26 June 2017 by admin

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For those who want to walk the island in an unusual way and alternate with the circuits traditionally crossed by the general public, there is a way to do so by following the historical paths of the old basalt roads, which until today are still kept in good state of conservation, And the ancient dirt and panoramic paths. The path of the route is also based on historical notes, which emanate these circuits often forgotten and almost hidden. To better read this data from the territory, we have imagined living on the island for over fifty years (as it is stated in the text “Guida d’Ischia” of 1959 by Giovangiuseppe Cervera and is evident from the map of the island of Ischia inserted So you can follow many of these paths of particular interest) and we noticed that some places are preserved even if they are no longer traversed and often should be valued, cared for and restored even better.

The card of Ischia Island has been integrated with the ring path marked in green and numbered, as shown opposite to this description, counterclockwise, and is attached to this brief description for better understanding. In the present, we do not talk too much of monuments, churches and anything else, even for brevity, as all of these news are readily available on the net or on all tourist guides and we did not intentionally set trip times or mile distances because these tracks are Free and interpretable by the visitor who travels and can stay at will. So the same lap could be completed theoretically in a full day, or resumed and interrupted for a whole month. Conveniently, the route can be taken and interrupted at any point because by heading orthogonal to state road 270 or provincials that run across the island, you can easily reach the bus stops for the return to the starting point. Always not to tame the visitor we divided the path into six stages, which cross in part all six island municipalities.

The ring path

(Follows a map of Ischia of Giovangiuseppe Cervera 1959 with marked paths in green)

Mappa d'Ischia 1959

1 STEP (Ischia – Casamicciola)

  1. The ideal starting point is the Aragonese Castle and the bay of Sant’Anna.

Awake early morning I and my friend Claudio, lover and snorkeling expert, we are on the edge in Castelletto at Ischia Ponte, where Pasquale, the boatman, has promised to show us exceptional things. The water mirror, circumscribed by the Aragonese Castle and the Scots of St. Anna, has restored the remains of a lead and tincture foundry. First we make a tour of the submerged archeological area, with the boat and then dive, with fins and mask, to see the beauties of the remains of the ancient Avenir, we see a nobilis fin among the posidonia.

Below: Historical photo of the Cartaromana beach with hot water springs at the bottom of the ridge



At some point Pasquale from the boat shows us a rock of Sant’Anna and gestures with his hand down. We dive and just beneath the hair of the water we see a cavity. It is a submarine cave turned and completely dug out of human arms. We are amazed by such beauty and we promise that next time we will get underwater camera.’-anna.html

Below: The Cat Walk at Chiazze (Ischia Ponte)

Le Chiazze

At 10am I have an appointment, but in the meantime I have a look at the catch of the boats moored at the pier in front of the Aragonese Castle and just arrived my friend Franco, experienced agronomist and passionate naturist, we take a coffee at Cocò bar first.

Below: Sale of the catch on the Aragonese pier at Ischia Ponte

Vendita del pescato

We drive through Luigi Mazzella (Ischia municipality) the street, in basolato, that from the Aragonese castle leads to the west crossing via Pontano, where you can see the small fishermen’s houses, in a group of people who greeting I recognize Ciro, fisherman and boatman of Island revolutions, we remember the old times when we played together in the Casamia and told me of her exceptional fishing made in front of her, “leap 2 kilos.”

Following: a 1,70 kg strawberry pail

Pesca eccezzionale

Continuing on the seafront of Mandra al Molino we see tourists who warm themselves in the sun of Punta Molino admiring the Aragonese castle.

Below: View from Punta Molino with the background of the Aragonese Castle

20170114_105716 punta molino

2) We cross via F. Sogliuzzo to go in the green and natural lungs of the Pinete of Ischia. Franco explains to me that the pinewood has such a special microclimate that has allowed the presence of special plant forms present only on the island and in tropical climates, such as the famous “Cyperus polystachius”. In the lower part of the Pineta you can see some springs of water including the Mirtina spring, whose water was even bottled and sold. We first go via Foschini (children’s boulevard) and the athletic pine forest to succeed at Ginestre Street.

Below: entrance to the pine forest Mirtina

20170114_110412 pineta mirtina

3) The road to the corner hangs onto Via Montagna, a historic road that is very pious, which at some point exceeds the variant of the state road 270 (below the raised bridge) and continues to Fiaiano (Barano d’Ischia) by crossing Mr. Garibaldi.

Below: Via Montagna a stretch still basalt

20170114_111427 via montagna 1

Below: panoramic view from via Mountain

20170114_111231 via montagna

Below: Via Montagna after crossing the variant to S. 270

20170114_120517 via montagna 3

Below: figs of citrus and citrus fruit “coupled winning”

Fichi d'india

Under the pinewood of Fiaiano

20170114_121217 Fiaiano pineta

4) Let’s take a little rest for another coffee at the Nik bar and turn right on via Crete, where you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama. At the culmination of the Pinnacle climb, very pious and basalt road, we find the branch for the White Cava on the left. Just after arriving at the train, we salute Bartolo, who comes with a group of tourists on horseback from the famous path leading to the source of Buceto.

Below the Aragon at Crete

20170114_123016 maneggio Aragona


The view of the island ends at the east with the Aragonese castle and you can see the islands of Procida and Vivara framed by the Gulf of Naples.

Overview of via Crete

20170114_124312 vista dal cretaio

As we climb for Crete, new glimpses are becoming more and more beautiful and profound. Places to visit along the way are surely the Montagnone Viewpoint, the Ferral Fund and the Idyllic Fund. These ancient craters fully covered by high or medium vegetation vegetation and Mediterranean scrub are a frantic manna for Franco’s eyes.

At this point we realize that we have arrived at Casamicciola high and it is late so we go backwards for the return.

We give you the appointment to the II TAPPA

P.Š. We apologize for the photos, not always professional, but to grasp the right moments, it is often a handy phone.

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