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Inhoming Fishing – Tourism: Pleasures of fishing

Published on 10 October 2017 by admin

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Inhoming – Fishing Tourism Ischia:

The pleasures of fishing

01 Angeltourismus-Pesca turismo -Leichte Ausrüstung

01 Inhoming – Fishing Tourism: The pleasures of fishing

Inhoming – Fishing Tourism: The pleasures of fishing

The pleasures of fishing

Hi dear friends of fishing,

I would like to tell you about our great fishing day in Ischia.

I‘m a passionate fisherman and I decided to crown my vacation with a day at sea after two weeks of fishing abstinence. Unfortunately, finding a suitable supplier on the island was very difficult until we found our guide Lello.

In fact after a short call we have already had an appointment for the next day for four people.

02 Die Kulisse der Insel Ischia

02 The backdrop of Ischia Island

Arriving at the pier in front of the Aragonese Castle welcomed us our guide Lello and taken on tour with his boat.

Once we arrived, we received a short briefing and we started our trip without wasting time.

After leaving the harbor, we took the three fishing rods that were provided and we landed them waiting for our first contact with the fish. Meanwhile, Lello has spoken to us in perfect English about interesting things about the different species of fish we expected, and described some of the surrounding islands, talking about the land and the people who lived there.

The route was fixed directly south to the deep sea.

Already from the first hotspots we did not have to wait a long time before we could catch the first dorado (Lampuga).

The beautiful golden fishes allowed us to shoot beautiful pictures framed by crystal clear water and impressed us for their exceptional jumps.

To these we have added two other smaller fishes of tuna caught, which increased the number of fish caught on this day for a total of 13.

03 Max der erste Fang

03 Max  the first catch

At lunchtime, Lello prepared us the Ciabatte of baking oven full of tomatoes grown in the garden in Ischia with special flavor.

The bread and tomato tasted on the big boat has improved mood and loaded the Team.

At the end of our tour we were refreshed with a short swim in the bay of San Pancrazio, we visited the caves of the lovers and wags on the coast of Ischia and then finished our tour successfully.

The catch of the day was kindly offered by Lello to bring home, but it was not possible to prepare it as we did not have a suitable place to cook.

The dolphins, Lello said to us, often emerge as pioneers in the fishing lines. That day, unfortunately, we did not see them, but we were then sent, an original video the next day by our friend.

For all four, (fishermen, as well as non-fishermen), it was a truly fantastic day and definitely one of our strong points in this great holiday party at Ischia.

04 Dd the big one

04 Dd the biggest fish

I wish everyone who wants to experience something like that, as has happened to us, so much fun!

And please allow me to send ours

Greetings from the Stuttgart Team.

Greeting Max

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