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Fishing tourism Ischia: Superb fishing day

Published on 6 October 2017 by admin

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Inhoming Fishing tourism Ischia: A superb day of sport fishing

Ischia (Na) 04/10/2017

Fishing tourism Ischia: early in the morning I have an appointment to Ischia Ponte pier, overlooking Aragonese Castle, with a multi-ethnic team from Switzerland: Maxime and Olivier, and England: Tim.

There is also a wonderful sea day considering the forecasts.

From the first moment, when they board the boat, I pass all the initial concerns because I notice the agility of the participants also of Maxime the youngest.

Let’s start for a day of deep sea fishing so I prepare all the equipment and the artificial lures, even reserve ones you never know!

1 La prima cattura

1 The first catch

As soon as we cross the Ischia bench, we notice a certain movement with agitation of the seagulls and with wonder of my guests we see clearly a swordfish jumping impetuously in the air with its roaring edge upwards.

To the south of Sant’Angelo, a few miles from the coast, the first bustle of the Lampughe begins with spectacular jumps that literally enchant the participants. The first catch is cleverly concluded by Maxime that despite the young age already shows an expert fisherman’s attitude.

2 International team

2 International team

Each capture is a story in itself as these gorgeous golden creatures are unpredictable with their jumps and lateral leaks that often find unprepared fisherman.

3 Maxime e Tim

3 Maxime e Tim

But I must say that, with great amazement, all the participants were up to the situation despite their little experience in this type of fishing.

4 Maxime e Lello

4 Maxime e Lello

Arrived at a cannizzo  that promises well because we notice a marked presence of prey we stop and we try to fish spinning with a big popper that Tim throws far away. Immediately after a few jumps, the rattling takes place and with the flexible cannula the capable fisherman makes a nice fight and after several leaks the Lampuga climbs with skillfully retracted pail from Oliver.

5 Tim

5 Tim

Lampghe‘s catches are many and repeated even in double and we take rite photos with great fun for the leaps and the spectacular jumps they do even when they are on the boat. When we try to catch them, they jump from all sides and we try to put them in the bucket or gently release them if they are of a small size.

5 Maxime petit déjeuner

6 Maxime petit déjeuner

In the catch we had almost forgotten to eat and at 13.00 we prepared a succulent sandwich with  tomatoes, of “piennolo”, and basil of our garden seasoned with extra virgin olive oil. I notice that Maxime appreciates him a lot and for me it is a great satisfaction.

7 International Team 2

7 International Team 2

In the late afternoon, in the view of the side of the Faraglioni of Capri, we change the artificial and take the route for the return. On the way, we are lucky to get a swordfish, which as usual, with a spectacular leap leaves Oliver with Fishing pole in the ban.

8 The big one

8 The big one

The October sun warms us to the sea view and the male of the Aragonese Castle . I find it curious to try to talk to Tim in French who tells me sympathetically that he does not speak French.

Sorry but I’m a bit confused!

The Fishing tourism team Ischia and Inhoming Srl (tel+39 3713455013)

Following the original comments of the participants on the day of fishing tourism in Ischia:

Maxime e Olivier P. de la Suisse

Bonjour , merci pour cette superbe journée de pêche , très bon guide avec la bonne humeur a Bientòt!

Olivier P.

Tim R. from London – England

Hi Lello, thank you so much for today, really enjoyed it.  Will look at your website as we hope to return to Ischia sometime.



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