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Published on 26 June 2017 by admin

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Mappa d'Ischia 1959

Map of Ischia Island with highlights – we continue with our tour

SECOND TAPPA Ischia unusual and secret (Casamicciola – Lacco Ameno)

4 The alarm clock sounds good morning, today I am dating with my friend and former classmate Arnaldo, a great sportsman who often runs for hobbies, plays with football and loves skiing. I quickly wear a suit with a sneaker and slip in by car to reach Fondo d’Oglio, the place of appointment, located at Casamicciola high on via Crete.


1 Tree-lined avenue on Via Crete

The day is clear and you breathe a sparkling air. Parked the car in the slargo before the pitch, I see Arnaldo, who is already there waiting for me; A greeting and leaves, climbing up the stairs to the left of the tree-lined boulevard, we walk through the ring path, which runs around the Fondo d’Oglio crater. We are completely immersed in the lush vegetation of holm oaks, chestnut trees and Mediterranean scrub.

2 Fondo d'oglio il cratere

2 Oglio’s back the crater

After the tour we go down the valley via Cretaio, and at the first curve we take a fleeting look at the panorama of Casamicciola alta.

3 Veduta da via cretaio

3 View from via Crete

Just after we turn right on via Rotaro, the old street of Crete, which with a more pronounced slope leads down to the valley.

4 Cat in the sun at Rotaro Street


5 Via (old) Rotaro

On that stretch of road we notice a view of the lovely harbor and town.

7 Via Cretaio

6 The port of Casamicciola from via Cretaio

5 We continue and reconnect on via Cretaio, we turn left onto Via Cittadini (famous area for being the favorite destination of rich and noble), which frames the views of the Epomeo between its side walls.


7 Via Cittadini

Almost at Bagni Square, at the height of the ancient Belliazzi spa, we meet Lucilla, the cousin of Arnaldo, an internationally renowned geologist who first greets us and then invites us to accompany her for a lookout, which is promising very interesting!


8 Belliazzi ancient baths

We accept, and all three turn left onto Nizzola, we immediately go into the cavern cavern. We immediately feel a sulfur smell and our feet are wet by the flow of surface water.


9 Ancient spas in via Nizzola

At some point we cross a bridge, encountering some difficulty in the presence of spontaneous rows and plants; Lucilla makes us point to continue and turn the corner shows us a recess in the tufaceous rock (of the green tufo of the Epomeo) where naturally springs a thermal spring.


10 Thermal spring

Casamicciola’s thermal springs, such as the Gurgitiello, are famous for their therapeutic properties. At the bottom of the gorge we see a crumbling and drooping structure, where you can see the remains of an old spa or spa; You see smoke coming directly from the mountain. In the ruins, a stray cat is walking around in the quiet surroundings as it was at home.

At the center of the quarry, in the haze, the thermal waters collected from the hips of the mountain flow cascade. In view of this amenable scene, I show all my astonishment and disbelief for the existence of such an interesting, almost strange, and almost abandoned place. I would not be surprised if we continued to find the cave of the Sibyl Cumana, as the legend tells us.


11 Thermal waterfall

6   Let’s go back on our steps, salute and thank our companion for outbreak. We continue our journey through the street of Pennino Street, stone road leading to the church of Santa Maria Maddalena.

Arriving on the main road turn left behind the church for via Roma, old winding, winding street paved with trachytic cubes (so-called “cazzimocchi”).


12 Via Roma with the Ephemeral background



13 Church of Santa Maria Maddalena seen from via Roma

Before reaching Maio Square, turn left towards the slopes of the Evo and head for Santa Barbara, a rather demanding road to go to a certain rhythm until we get to the car park slope up where we stop for a short break.

15 Monte Vico

14 Via Santa Barbara – the panorama

Admitting the spectacular view I see Vincenzo returning from the woods of Pera (a very impervious area beneath the slopes of the Epomos), with a certain pride shows us a nice basket of porcini mushrooms, also called “capineri” for their dark and characteristic color perfume. Relax on the street and admire the spectacular view that is in front of us, the typical resort of La Rita.

16 Monte Vico Borbonica via Montecito

15 Monte Vico Borbonica via Montecito

Arriving at Piazza Maio we continue to some extent on the Bourbon road of Via Montecito, but as soon as we reach the view of Mount Vico we realize that we are at the end of our stage and we are going to take the back path for the return.

See you at the 3rd Stage

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